We not only learn about spirit in our community, we learn about money, too.

We need to learn how to raise, invest and use money in any community. We learn together amid mistakes, fears and triumphs.

These are some of the ways we learn about money:

Annual Pledges:  Every year we ask our members to help support the congregation with their money. Our 2019 Campaign is still underway.

Capital Campaign:  Once every 10 or 20 years we ask our members, corporations, municipalities and friends to support special initiatives. We ran a Capital Campaign from 2013-2015 to pay down our mortgage, landscape our front grounds and insulate our roof.

Silent Auction:  Every year in November we have food, beer and wine, more than 100 auction items and wonderful music for a themed Fundraising evening. See a list of last auction’s business donors here.

Concert Series:  We annually host a concert series with performances by international musical artists:  Ken Whiteley, Gary Diggins, Njacko Backo, Windermere String Quartet, Thomas Alexander, Toronto Beach Chorale, the Jessica Stuart Few, Sharlene Wallace and George Koller, and Jubilate Singers, to name a few.

Financial Committee:  We meet monthly to examine our finances and to make short and long term decisions about them.