Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement for Recurring Donations



In 2016, The Finance Committee at Neighbourhood made it easier to give. Neighbourhood can now process recurring payments from any bank and any bank account. Using the PAD process is easier for both you and Neighbourhood. Payments are clearly identified in your bank statements, and the Neighbourhood office will be sure of the source of the donation received to ensure proper tax receipts are issued at the end of the year.

And it is simple!!! Just fill in the appropriate downloadable form (below) and drop it off at the office, or put it in the Sunday collection basket, or scan the form with your signature and send to Hala at
PAD form for chequing accounts
PAD form for savings accounts
Please submit your Pledge form along with the PAD form.

If you are currently using transfers from TD Bank / post-dated cheques / PayPal, please consider switching to a PAD. Excellent reasons to make the switch include significantly reduce processing time for the office, reduction in costs for Neighbourhood, staying true to our “green” mission by reducing the usage of donation envelopes, etcetera.

If you have any questions, please contact Hala at 416-686-6809 or send her an email at

Thank you for considering using PAD!