Family FAQ

1. What happens on Sunday morning?

Sunday morning service begins at 10:30 am with people of all ages gathered in the main space. Announcements are read first, and then service starts. Children 13 and under attend the service for the first 15 minutes, including a “Time for all Ages” which is often a story. After the story, the children go to their own rooms for their Lifespan Learning programs. The specific room and the names of the volunteer leaders will be announced, and then children follow their leaders to their classroom. Lifespan Learning programs continue until service ends.

Note: Our Youth Group (ages 14-18) have Lifespan Learning programs on specific Sundays, from 10:30 am – 12 pm.

2. What happens when Lifespan Learning programs end?

Children 11 and up are dismissed to parental care immediately after their Lifespan Learning program ends. Children 10 and under who are not picked up immediately by a parent or caregiver will enter our “After-Care” program, generally held in the Wright Room.  The After-Care program provides supervised free-play time for children until 12:30 pm, while parents chat or attend meetings. A suggested donation of $2 is appreciated for each Sunday parents use the after-care program.

3. Can I sit in on my child’s lifespan learning class?

Of course! We’re always happy to have parents attend class with their child. Please speak to the leader of your child’s class beforehand if possible, so they can fill you in on the activities that will take place and any expectations for your participation.

wiggle room
The “Wiggle Room,” a friendly space for infants and toddlers.

4. Are there programs for infants/toddlers?

Formal Lifespan Learning classes at Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Neighbourhood) begin when children are 3 or 4 years old. Parents and teachers together will determine if a child is ready for the formal Lifespan Learning program. Children of all ages are always welcome at Lifespan Learning events and other activities. Parents with children 3 and under are invited to use the “Wiggle Room” during Sunday service. This is a small room stocked with toys for young children, with a view of the main space and sound from the service wired in.

5. What should we wear?

Feel free to dress yourself and your child however you feel comfortable. Most attendees dress casually. Children may engage in active games or go outdoors during Lifespan Learning classes, so keep this in mind.

6. How do I register my child for the Lifespan Learning program?

There is generally an information session for parents at the beginning of each program year in September. For most programs, it is also possible to register throughout the year. Please clink on the registration form and fill it out.

7. Is there a cost to register my child for the Lifespan Learning program?

The Lifespan Learning program is supported by the monetary pledges and donations of Neighbourhood members and friends. There is no fee to register your child.

8. Can my child bring a friend to the program?

Absolutely — we welcome all people here.

9. I’m new. Is there anything I should know?

A special welcome to you! What a wonderful journey you have begun. Please take some time to read through the materials on this website. You might also wish to make an appointment to meet or chat with the Lifespan Learning Director, David Chandross, as well as the facilitator working with your child’s age group. You can discuss any questions or concerns, and explore avenues for your family’s spiritual growth at Neighbourhood. We understand that you may be “testing the waters” for a time, to see if Neighbourhood is a good fit for your family. Generally, we ask that you register your child for the program after attending for three Sundays.