Sunday Service


Each Sunday we meet together at 10:30 a.m.

Children Welcome!

Each Sunday we join together as a room full of doubters, dreamers, theists, atheists, non-theists, liberals and conservatives, Buddhists, meditators, mystics, lovers of reason and lovers of life. While our perspectives often differ, we all share the desire to express our gratitude for life and to reconnect with who we most want to be.

Thus “Sunday Service” is a time of expressing thanks, finding peace and listening to our souls. We often hear from one another and from our minister, challenges to live our lives with depth, boldness, passion, generosity and risk.

Services include music, meditation, ritual and sharing. If you are searching for a time of reflection and inspiration, or if you just need a “spiritual jolt,” we’d love to have you join us.

Children are present during the beginning of our Service.  After the Children’s Story, they go to their own programs. Visitors are always welcome. Services last for approx 75 minutes. Coffee and light snacks are served afterward, and we hope you will stay and have a chat with our members. Limited parking is available in our lot off Ashdale Avenue directly behind our building. Street parking is available on Hiawatha and Ashdale, as well as on Gerrard Avenue.

See “Philosophy of Sunday Services” and “Themes” for more information, and view the Calendar for specific service information.


Upcoming Services

10:30 am – noon

Sunday, July 28, 2019

How We Can Affect Change In Our World

Do our “mundane” activities make a difference in the world?

Do we have to be creatures of “doing” in order to affect change?

How can change take place within our world as it currently is, while building towards the world we would like to see?

Speaker Rebekah Getchell

Service Leader: Ruth Lanktree

Music- Jennifer Wakefield

Sunday, August 4, 2019

We Are All Called

We are all called : Shared Ministry

Speaker:  Pat Trudeau

Music: Jennifer Wakefield

Service Leader:  Peter Marmorek