Sunday Service Recordings

Recorded LIVE every Sunday morning.

Whether you missed a service or just want to hear one again! Our extensive archives include Messages of Inspiration from our Minister Wayne Walder, visiting ministers, congregants and special guests.

      2017-11-05 Walder Wisdom Of The Self
      2017-10-29 Morris Inviting All People
      2017-10-22 Walder Radical Inclusivity
      2017-10-15 Evans Blessing Of The Animals
      2017-10-08 Walder Inviting Others
      2017-10-01 Walder Connecting Secular To Sacred
      2017-09-24 Scharper Falling In Love With The Earth
      2017-09-17 Evans & Walder - Learning Leading Holding Space
      2017-09-10 Walder Water Communion
      2017-08-06 Walder The Trickster
      2017-07-30 Walder Summer Dreams
      2017-07-23 Evans Quaker Worship
      2017-07-16 MacDonald Labyrinth
      2017-07-09 Marmorek Agnostic Prayers
      2017-07-03 Barraclough Climate Change Resistance And Resilience
      2017-06-25 Walder Canadian UU Identity
      2017-06-18 Swance Two-Spirit Pride
      2017-06-11 Walder Lessons From Learning
      2017-06-04 Wayne Walder Practising Self Awareness In A Material World
      2017-05-28 Walder What Do You Practice
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