Sunday Service Recordings

Recorded LIVE every Sunday morning.

Whether you missed a service or just want to hear one again! Our extensive archives include Messages of Inspiration from our Minister Wayne Walder, visiting ministers, congregants and special guests.

      2019-04-07 Walder Knowledge and Belief
      2019-03-31 Chandross Caring For Others
      2019-03-24 Kretchmer All My Relations
      2019-03-10 Walder Us And Them
      2019-03-04 Walder Our Seventh Principle
      2019-02-24 Four Members Social Justice Activism
      2019-02-10 Walder Democracy And Fake News
      2019-01-27 Trudeau Letter from Birmingham Jail
      2019-01-20 Hope Spiritual
      2019-01-13 Cox Roots Of Empathy
      2019-01-06 Maziarz et al States Of Being
      2018-12-30 Members' New Year Stories
      2018-12-24 Walder Christmas Eve
      2018-12-23 Walder Solstice
      2018-12-16 Walder Our Inner Voice
      2018-12-09 Walder Listening To Others
      2018-12-02 Walder With Open Heart
      2018-11-25 Knotts Cultural Competency
      2018-11-18 Walder Creating Sanctuary
      2018-11-11 Walder Holding Sacred Space Together
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