Sunday Service Recordings

Recorded LIVE every Sunday morning.

Whether you missed a service or just want to hear one again! Our extensive archives include Messages of Inspiration from our Minister Wayne Walder, visiting ministers, congregants and special guests.

      2017-04-02 Meredith Accepting Illness
      2017-03-26 Evans Compassion For All
      2017-03-19 Walder - How Does Healing Respond To Compassion
      2017-03-12 Dale Walder Compassion Joint Service Beach United
      2017-03-05 Walder What Do We Mean By Compassion
      2017-02-26 Walder Falling In Love With The World
      2017-02-19 Walder Affection Sex and Love
      2017-02-12 Maziarz Universalism
      2017-02-05 Walder Defining Love
      2017-01-29 Solano-Quesnel Plainsplaining
      2017-01-23 Sault Living Resilience - The Mississaugas
      2017-01-16 Trudeau Hayden Resilience - Martin Luthor King Day
      2017-01-08 Matthews Lessons in Resilience
      2017-01-01 Maziarz Maycock Singing Resilience
      2016-12-24 Evans Christmas Eve Pageant
      2016-12-18 Walder Solstice
      2016-12-11 Walder Darkness Is Part Of Peace
      2016-11-06 Walder What Is The Common Good
      2016-10-16 Walder Our Resistance To Grace
      2016-10-09 Walder Social Aspect Of Giving Thanks
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