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Whether you missed a service or just want to hear one again! Our extensive archives include Messages of Inspiration from our Minister Wayne Walder, visiting ministers, congregants and special guests.


2020-03-08 Walder - What are you afraid of?

2020-03-01 Walder - Yes, you're good enough

2020-02-23 Wulff - UU and Mysticism

2020-02-09 Walder - UU History in Song and Stories

2020-02-02 Bokma - Year of Living Spiritually

2020-01-26 Kretschmer - Gifts shape our Purpose

2020-01-19 Polanyi - Our Values In Action

2020-01-05 Raz - Islam Today

2019-12-29 NUUC Members' Stories Of Welcome

2019-12-24 Walder - Christmas Eve
Music: SPIRIT CHOIR, Amazing Grace, By The River, All We Need is Love.

2019-12-22 Walder Solstice

2019-12-08 Walder Building This With You In Mind

2019-12-01 Clark From Where You Came

2019-11-24 Walder We Are One

2019-11-17 Walder Our Beloved Community

2019-11-10 Walder Our Global Family

2019-11-03 Walder Community Matters

2019-10-27 Walder Seeds Of Grace

2019-10-20 Walder Group Grace

2019-10-13 Walder Gratitude Versus Greed