Philosophy of Sunday Services

Joy and gratitude lie at the heart of our Sunday Services.

Our understanding is non-traditional. We take seriously the different ways people have come together in spirit. For us, Sunday mornings are about celebrating, wrestling with, integrating, arguing with the things we hold dear.

Neighbourhood Sunday Service
Neighbourhood Sunday Service

Or to put it another way, we join together to “remember” – to remember what makes life truly worth living. This idea of reminding each other what truly matters is especially central to Sunday Services at Neighbourhood.

Some newcomers are surprised that the word “God” is so rarely used during our Sunday Services. This is because we understand our services are broader than honouring or connecting to a traditional personal deity. Some of our members find such connection important and use our time of prayer and meditation to meet this need. But whether we are a theist, agnostic or atheist, we all believe that life is sacred as we gather to help each other remember who we most want to be.

At our best we offer an experience that touches our soul.