We’re now well into our 2016/17 season!

Each month we focus on a theme. This hopefully allows us to examine each thematic idea more deeply. An accompanying Theme Brochure is produced each month (available for free at services), which is adapted/posted online … so be sure to click on active theme links to delve into thought-provoking related material!

Many of our small groups integrate the themes into their discussions, which gives us the chance to hear what our fellow group members think about and have learned about the theme.

Come and help us focus on different aspects of our collective and individual spiritual quests. You can do this in many ways. Join a small group. Write a passage or two for our Theme brochure. Tell one of your stories at a Sunday Service. Let’s explore themes together.

See previous years’ themes on lower portion of this page.



Rest of 2016/17 season themes TBA.

Previous Years’ Themes

Month 2013–14 2014-15
Umbrella Theme: The Human Journey
Umbrella Theme: Search For Meaning
September Coming Home Heroes Renewal
October Gratitude The Call Cycles of Life
November Courage Wisdom Listening
December Hope The Unknown Challenges
January Surrender Shadows Doing
February Compassion Taking Risks Learning
March Justice Inspiration Being
April Awakening Knowing our Strengths

All My Relations
May Delight Transformation Discipline
June Harmony The Gift Coming Out