Spiritual Growth

Welcome to Neighbourhood’s Adult Spiritual Development program!

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… featuring Meditation, Small Groups, Spiritual Direction, Men’s and Women’s groups and more.

In the context of shared relationships and a little discipline of our own, we can’t help but grow. That’s the gift of any Spiritual Curriculum. It starts where we are and helps us grow. We mature into who we hope to become.   Meditation helps us quiet our thoughts so we know we are more than “our thoughts.” None of us can feed others if we’re not feeling spiritually fed ourselves. Here’s where small groups help hold it all together. They anchor us, allowing us to go out and serve from a stronger and more centered place. They offer the chance to listen to our deepest selves by engaging life’s big questions and by being open to the gifts of the world through the words and experiences of others. Spiritual Direction offers us a chance to talk to our soul, and see what it has to say about how we are leading our life.

In frustration we sometimes say: “I just don’t have these kinds of conversation in my regular life.” Most daily conversations barely reach beneath the surface of things. In our groups it is possible to have honest, deep and safe conversations. These groups help us have the motivation and the courage to become the people we most want to be.

The Buddha suggested that a spiritual life should include three things: Insight, when we are touched by a new perspective which deepens our lives; Articulation of the insight, so we understand, communicate and remember it; and Sharing the insight, so others can benefit from our insight or correct our fantasy. Our spiritual groups include all of these things.

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At Neighbourhood, our beginner and intermediate Meditation evenings occur every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and lasts for one hour.

We offer “Journey to Awakening” classes with movement, breath, chanting and yoga meditation on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11am.

We practice different spiritual techniques regularly. Sometimes we use breathing practices, other times chant or silence. At the end of each evening we try to respectfully answer questions.

Every year in Toronto, we have a Mindful Silent Retreat with Meditation led by Wayne Walder. See Mindful Journeys, Silent Retreat tab.

Neighbourhood sponsors Mindful Journeys to interesting and inspirational places in the world. Meditation is a unique aspect of our travel.  See Mindful Journeys.

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Spiritual direction is an intentional relationship in which a person (the directee) meets individually with another person (the spiritual director) to explore his or her spiritual journey in a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental environment. Spiritual direction does not imply that the director tells the directee what to do or not do. The term “direction” implies an attentiveness to the ways in which spirit is working in the directee’s life.

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The Quaker practice of “Clearing” allows one person to reflect on a problem in their life. They tell the problem to six or eight trained “listeners.” The listeners do not offer opinions, they only ask questions. Reflecting on the sometimes surprising questions often leads to insight and wholeness even when our problems are not solved.

By appointment only though our minister.