Small Groups

Small Groups at Neighbourhood accomplish three things:

  • They help us to focus by concentrating on a subject.
  • They help us learn how groups work by being conscious of how we act in a group.
  • They deepen our spiritual friendships.

Each group is designed to mentally/spiritually stretch us and help us handle ourselves within a (mostly) safe group context.

Most groups meet in the evenings, some are ongoing weekly, and some are once or twice a month. The meetings last for one or two hours and are free for Neighbourhood members.




We offer weekly meditation calls led by Rev. Wayne Walder and Gillian Hegge. Meditation is eclectic, using Buddhist, Muslim and contemporary practices.

Every Wednesday, 7:30 – 8:30 pm at 79 Hiawatha Rd.  We begin and end on time.


Each Monday at 7:30 pm, choir members learn and practice song rhythms with our choir director Susanne Maziarz. Free. 79 Hiawatha Rd.

Special Limited Small Groups

We also hold content-specific small group sessions which run for a limited time, usually meeting monthly or bimonthly. Below are examples of past groups:

Getting Good with Conflict
This Small Group reflected creative ways to handle conflict. We focused on conflict, how it happens, how we feel and what we can do about it.

Developing Character
This Small Group examined our understanding of character as a human skill.

A Book Study of Tuesdays With Morrie
This Small Group discussed and analyzed this famous book and its lessons.

End of Life
This Small Group helped members cope and grow with family and friends as they neared the end of their lives.

Themes of the Month
This Small Group looked more deeply at each monthly theme in story, film and thought.