The Invitation: Spiritual Questions and Practices

  1. Could you invite someone to get to know you? Or can you ask someone if they are willing to let you know who they are? It is not hard; you can invite them for a coffee. “A real conversation always includes an invitation”.

  3. Have you ever felt “invited” to nature? Has there been a time when the sunset or the autumn trees invited you to the fullness of life? How does remembering it feel? What could you do to feel invited again?

  5. Have you ever felt unappreciated after inviting someone to your house? How did being unappreciated feel … did it change to resentment? Could you do something different with resentment the next time? (Share with a friend or partner.)

  7. Could you – would you – follow an invitation of your soul? What I mean is, can you stop your move to the next moment and listen for the questions you are asking of yourself? In the poem Sometimes by David Whyte he asks you:
    – to stop what you are doing right now,
    – and to stop what you are becoming while you do it,
    – questions (come) that can make or unmake a life,
    – questions that have patiently waited for you.


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