The KAIROS Blanket Exercise Came To Neighbourhood – To Reconcile Means We Must First Understand


On Tues. Feb. 27, The Neighbourhood community had the opportunity to broaden our understanding of the troubled relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples through a unique experiential learning event. The KAIROS Blanket Exercise has been used in communities, faith groups and workplaces across Canada for nearly 20 years. Through that time, it has helped participants learn about a fundamental part of our history that has too rarely been spoken about.

We learned about pre-contact (the time before Europeans and Indigenous peoples made contact with each other), treaty-making, colonization and resistance by taking on the roles of Indigenous peoples and encountering the situations they have faced over the last 500 years. The exercise was led by trained facilitators from KAIROS, an ecumenical organization dedicated to social justice. The evening included both the exercise and a time for discussion/sharing.

In 2014, the Canadian Unitarian Council and the Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Canada committed to “a journey of healing and reconciliation between Canadian Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.” Bringing the Blanket Exercise to Neighbourhood is part of our response to that call.

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