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Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation ordained Patricia Trudeau on Sunday October 27th .

The 1992 Commission on Appraisal report, Leadership: Our Professional Ministry: Structure, Support and Renewal, says that “ordination is the act by which a person is vested by a religious body with special ministerial authority: a rite of passage, a setting apart, a placing under orders as a minister.”  In other religious traditions, ordination is conferred by a religious leader, such as a rabbi, imam, or priest. In Unitarian Universalism, only the congregation has this authority.

During the ordination ceremony Pat  received two signs of ministerial authority:

  • A ministerial robe
  • A stole

As a strong supporter of the importance of rites of passage, Pat sees the act of ordination as a rite of passage that helps her embody her ministerial authority, provides the congregation with the opportunity to participate and be involved in the act of ordination, and allows the wider community gathered to witness this important rite of passage.

There are two parts of the ceremony that are pivotal in the act of ordination: The Right Hand of Fellowship. This is a recognition and welcome by the ministers.  The other part of the ceremony is the Laying on of Hands, where the congregation becomes one mass of energy and blessing for Pat’s ministry.

Ordaining Pat is a joyous honor and a sacred responsibility for NUUC who has supported her in this path and helped her to grow for over twelve years. It is a cause for celebration that NUUC has ordained three ministers in its short history.

Many thanks to those who attended.

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