Wayne Walder on HARMONY

by Reverend Wayne Walder

Most of us have had an experience of Harmony.  We might recognize it when we hear two sounds produce a beautiful third sound.  We can hear it when a choir or band produce a delightful combination of sounds.  We hear it in nature when the wind sweeps the grass with a swish, while a bevy of birds “chirps in.”  You have heard it when someone plays the Tibetan bowls and a second or third ring/sing emerges.  A piano does that, too.  It is the “value added” of beautiful music.

But harmony does not have to be limited to music.  Harmony can be created when people love together.  Their love seems to create an energy that is not limited to either of the lovers.  It also happens when ideas are shared and new ideas are created.  Ideas and love do not have to come from any one person, they can grow from sharing.  I even have heard people describe a harmony of memories when remembered aspects of a life fit together and offer a new perspective.

Harmony is an earthly phenomenon.  Harmonic distortions, harmonic coincidence, harmonies in biology, in astronomy, in physics are all understood and acknowledged.

Harmonies happen all the time.  Yet we can miss it.  It is easy to miss because we can mistake what we think we hear for the sounds we actually hear.  Our concepts about what we know and need can deafen our hearing.  We can also miss the harmony of ideas when we think they are our ideas.  We can miss the harmony of love when we lead with our fears about our place in the world.

To hear harmony we need to listen from a place of silence inside ourselves.  To see harmony we need to remove our veil of knowing.  To be opened to the harmony of memory, love and ideas, we need to become vulnerable.

As we explore harmony this month, see if you can notice it every day simply by looking and listening.  It is an informal spiritual practice that can be very powerful because it helps us love the living of our lives.


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